Friday, February 23, 2007

School for Scoundrels (2006)

Old School director Todd Phillips takes the reins for an updated remake of the 1960 comedy, this time starring Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder as Roger, a lovelorn meter reader who enrolls in a confidence-building class in order to win the love of his dream girl, and Billy Bob Thornton as Dr. P, the scheming, egomaniacal teacher who has designs of his own for the attractive young female. The rivalry soon spins out of control, as pranks and insults fly fast and furiously in a battle to determine the ultimate "guy's guy."

The film was funny and I have ordered the original 1960s one.

The one thing I was most disappointed by was not seeing more of Sarah Silverman. I was even hoping Roger would end up with her. One of the best parts of the film was the gag reel that made fun of the movie and the whole cast. Sarah had a big part of the gag which was nice added bonus.

There was plenty of twists and turns in this light comedy. And the alternative ending was an interesting twist also with directors comments.

Ratings: 4.0
Light and easy comedy.

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