Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Accidental Hero (2002)

A tragic accident brings a rebellious son closer to understanding the plight of his single mother in this family drama from French filmmaker Laurent Jaoui. It's been years since Tom and his young mother, Valerie, were abandoned by Tom's father, and contrary to the age-old adage that time heals all wounds, Tom has only grown increasingly bitter with each passing year. Convinced that it was his mother who drove his father from their family, Tom has taken to shouting and disobeying his mother as a means to express his constant resentment and frustration with their current situation. When Tom and his mother are involved in a horrible car accident during an especially heated argument, Tom walks away from the crash, but his mother is left in a deep coma. Soon placed in a group home by the juvenile court, Tom attempts to deal with his pangs of guilt while simultaneously forming a bond with Malik -- the stern head of the group home, who instills Tom with a much needed sense of discipline. When Tom's mother awakens from her coma with no memory of the events leading up to the crash, Tom must make the difficult decision of facing up to the past or protecting his mother from the painful memories of their relationship even as he struggles to come to terms with his newfound respect for her plight. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Rating 3.5 (/5)
Yes a very nice film about the problems of a single head of house without the benefits of an extended family. Tom learns through a combination of unexpected events about his wider family and not was as he thought they were.

But I have to question the amount of low level violence (abuse) on a very personal level. Between son and mother there was a constant level of abuse. Tom experienced it from the security which was enough to destroy some of the merchandise in the store, and the booking police officer was first using verbal abuse and then he and another officer take him down which gives Tom a bloody nose, and his counselor punches him the stomach for pay back, and Tom beats up his room mate and numerous times someone
"laid" hands on another person by grabbing their arm.

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