Sunday, May 27, 2007

Borat (2006)

Yes a politically incorrect film. It has the "Running of the Jew" near the beginning that has a man in an outfit with an oversized Devils head.
"Whoaaaa... He nearly got the money there."
Mrs. Jew has a giant meat clever and lays a giant "Jew Egg".
And the kids attack it to kill the Jew chick before he hatches.
Master of disguise Sacha Baron Cohen hits the road to explore America as the crude Kazakstani reporter Borat in a feature mockumentary that brings one of the Da Ali G Show star's most popular characters to life on the big screen. Sent by the Kazakh Ministry of Information to gain a better understanding of American culture and bring his findings back home, Borat and faithful producer Azamat (Ken Davitian) set their sights in New York City. When the citizens and interview subjects of the Big Apple seem less than receptive to Borat's distinctively unrestrained approach and the curious Kazakh television personality stumbles across an episode of Baywatch while channel-surfing in his hotel room, he becomes instantly smitten with screen siren Pamela Anderson. Now confident that the only way to discover the true essence of America is to travel to California and make the bikini-clad beauty his bride, Borat purchases a ramshackle ice-cream truck in which he and Azamat will make their way across the Great Plains and on to the sunny West Coast -- all the while coming into contact with a wide variety of "typical" Americans. Within this loose, scripted framework, Borat engages in his usual misbehavior with unsuspecting strangers, from accidentally releasing a chicken from his suitcase on a New York subway ride to a formal interview with Alan Keyes. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

He ends up in a bed and breakfast run by a Jewish couple with pictures of Jews on the walls. After thinking the couple was trying to poison them, supposedly they turned into two cock roaches and crawled under the door. So Borat threw money at the cock roaches.

Overall a funny movie, even if nearly the most politically incorrect film I have seen.
Rating: 3 (/5)

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