Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Never on Sunday (1960)

All evil is disharmony
You are in disharmony with yourself
Your have beauty, grace
and you are...
I American Boyscout
I will bring you back to Harmony

In this globally acclaimed comedy drama, eccentric, tough, and carefree Ilya (Melina Mercouri) is one of those characters who makes her mark on film history, and who made an internationally known star out of Mercouri. Ilya is a prostitute in the port of Piraeus with a definite sense of social and economic justice. The aptly named Homer (director Jules Dassin, later to marry his star) arrives in Greece, meets the irrepressible Ilya, and decides she needs more of the traditional Greek culture and less of those flamboyant emotions that are not really Greek, you see. So while he tries to play Henry Higgins, Ilya is willing to give up her usual self for two weeks. The question is, what will happen once the two weeks are over, assuming she can get through them? ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 93 mins

A very amusing little film that even the beginning gives it the sense of playfulness. When Ilya entices all the workers to go for a swim in the bay by taunting them with calling them slaves. And she definitely did not consider herself as a slave and choose Johns based on other factors than money.

And then they all went to the beach.
That was used to describe how the actors came out on stage after the play ended. So all Greek Tragedies ended this way for Ilya.

She did an English version of Medea, but which version I am not sure of.

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