Saturday, February 9, 2008

Secrets of the Golden Compass

Literary critic Nick Tucker pays tribute to author Philip Pullman in this documentary comprised of extensive interviews with Pullman about the "His Dark Materials" trilogy among other works. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 173 mins
Secrets of the Golden Compass
Well, I got this video out of order without seeing the film first. But I am intrigued by the portrayal of Adam and Eve as some glorious heroes that reject God and want evil instead. But it is not bold and daring for Pullman to create this story. Hell for something daring you need to criticize, condemn or complain about something in the Quran. And I would ask him to do it in a Islamic country like Iran.

I guess he does not say he believes in parallel universes but then why rely so heavily on his writings on this concept that can be nothing more than a fable that he criticizes Christianity about. Yes, you can not disprove that in some "universe" things are different including dropping a glass and a pink elephant will form. But then why so eager to reject Christianity when he has no proof that it did not happen also???

When he talks about all the different paths, then how can he explain that nothing is random in the universe? If we have no free will then the universe is set to do exactly what is preordained by basic chemistry and physics. We (the universe) have one path and one path only. Even me writing this passage was preordained by the cosmos. While an omnipotent God gives free choice but knows all the possibilities that could exist.

Well, I knew I would have to find something I could agree with. Theocracies are not a very good idea of running a government. He then describes how the Soviet experiment in Communism was a theocracy with the only difference being believing in "a" supernatural god.

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