Saturday, March 8, 2008

Michael Moore Hates America (2004)

From Michael Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan to the movie-making capital of the United States, director Mike Wilson's inflammatory documentary travels across the country to hold the controversial Sicko director's allegedly questionable tactics up to the light for closer examination. Wilson is a filmmaker who wants viewers to question what they see and hear in the media, and he's willing to travel thousands of miles in order to highlight why you too should remain skeptical about Moore's motivations as a filmmaker. The result is a meditation on the American Dream, and the manner in which diligence and determination can eventually pay off for the folks who aren't willing to let their dreams fade. Additionally, by speaking with such well known media figures as Penn Jilette and John Stossel as well as a host of highly respected scholars, Wilson highlights how Moore manipulates interviews and statistics to serve his own personal agenda. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 95 mins
Michael Moore Hates America (2004)
A very personal documentary where we get to see the perspective of a documentary filmmaker as he deals with a variety of issues. The director was even willing to clarify his position and how his own bias came through. He also asked the Mayor of Davos to understand the reason of doing the interview after the fact because the director and the filmographer had questions about the techniques they were using.

I liked the game show 6 degrees of conspiracy. The graphics for this section was amateurish at best, but the idea was worth it.

I think this will be the first time for a five rating for a movie. Rating 5 (/5)

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