Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Israel: Birth of a Nation (2005)

Basically a pro-Israel film, but plenty of good film stock and some that was never seen before. Narrated by Martin Gilbert.
Produced by The History Channel, Israel: Birth of a Nation documents how Israel survived its fraught infancy as a country. The film employs archival footage, much of it taken by a British military officer. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 100 mins
Israel: Birth of a Nation (2005)
In hind sight, I have to wonder why Britain wanted to establish a Jewish state and then do nearly everything in their power to prevent it by providing support to Palestinians and even trying to block European Jews from coming to the new state-up to including capturing boats and detaining the civilians in Cyprus. And Britain sent scout airplanes to check out Israeli positions-which were shot down by the Israeli air force.

Gush Etzion-January 1948
Killing and dismembering of the 35 reinforcements. Bodies not shown or pictures released publicly.

"Sha'ar Hagai" The Road to Jerusalem 1998

The Ship Altalena- threatened civil war outbreak.

Walter Eytan-delegation to Egypt peace conference.
Menachem Urman
Solly Ganor
Zvi Rasky
Uzi Narkiss

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