Friday, October 14, 2011

Spider Lilies (2007)

Director Zero Chou's entry into the 2007 San Francisco LGBT Film Festival tells the tale of a teenage webcam tease who decides that a tattoo will make her more appealing, and the memories that meeting the alluring artist arouses. Jade (Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang) is a cute, young webcam performer who thinks that getting a tattoo will enhance her sexy performance skills. Upon venturing out to the tattoo parlor owned by half-Japanese ink-slinger Takeko (Isabella Leong), Jade recalls a crush she harbored ten years ago. Subsequently entering into a surreal cyberspace seduction that emerges through computer images, flashbacks, and lavish costumes highlighted by lime-green wigs, Takeko finds the lines between reality and fantasy blurring as Jade's teasing slowly chips away at her fragile facade. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 98 mins

Spider Lilies (2007)
Even though the main character (Jade) is lively and cheerful all the time, there is a sadness in her actions especially her on-line activities. She never really exposes herself to strangers but just teases.

The review above is pretty complete, except for the relationship each girl has with a close relative that does not remember them or past experiences. The two girls loneliness keeps them apart but eventually an intimate relationship develops. PG- Muff diving...

Extras include:
1. Deleted scene, nearly 3 minutes of extra love-making with necking and heavy petting.
2. The making of Spider Lilies.
3. Teddy Awards Ceremony.
4. US Trailer/Theatrical Trailers/ and More from Wolfe

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