Friday, January 25, 2008

Angel-A (2005) "Angela"

A desperate man in serious debt attempts to wipe his account clean in the most permanent way imaginable, only to find himself saved from a grim, self-inflicted demise by his selfless attempt to rescue another would-be suicide in director Luc Besson's tenth outing as a director. Andre (Jamel Debbouze) is a debt-ridden twenty-eight year old who has until midnight to pay back 40,000 euros to one of Paris' most ruthless gangsters. When the menacing Franck (Gilbert Melki) has his thugs dangle Andre over the edge of the Eiffel Tower soon thereafter, the debtor who views himself as an American on a technicality seeks the help of the U.S. Embassy to no avail. After failing to convince the local police to lock him up for his own protection, Andre, sensing death is eminent, determines to end his life on his own terms. As Andre steps over the edge of the city's most awe-inspiring bridges and prepares to take that fateful plunge, he suddenly notices a statuesque blonde in a little black dress preparing to meet her maker in a similar fashion. As the woman leaps into the Seine, Andre instinctively jumps in to rescue her. Resting safely on the shore after looking death straight in the eye, the sorrowful pair soon finds their fates inexorably tied. Though Andre initially scolds the ravishing Angela (Rie Rasmussen) for attempting to deprive the world of such stunning beauty, she bitterly assures her one-armed savior that her physical perfection is without question only skin deep. Nevertheless the aggressive blonde betrays her own negative self-image by pledgeing to stick by Andre through thick and thin, and the unlikely duo soon sets out on a mission to solve Andre's formidable list of problems and get his life back in order again. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 91 mins Angel-A (2005)

A nice love story of two completely different people and not the least being height. We did see Jamel Debbouze in another film I recently watched in Days of Glory. Which of course made me curious when in the opening dialogue André states that he is an American. I guess since I was curious how both parts had him where his right arm was either hanging loose or was not used at all-including he became the hand grenade thrower in Days of Glory. From Wiki:
On 17 January 1990, while crossing the tracks at the SNCF station in Trappes, Debbouze was struck by a Paris - Nantes train travelling at 150 km/h. As a result of this accident he lost the use of his right arm. In the same incident another youth named Jean-Paul Admette, who was known to Debbouze, was killed. Debbouze was prosecuted in connection with the death of Admette but was discharged from the charge of "homicide involontaire" due to lack of evidence. The family of Admette have maintained that Debbouze is responsible for his death. In 2004, Debbouze cancelled a tour of Reunion, ostensibly for reasons of health. It later emerged that the Admette family had planned to protest at the shows to draw attention to their position.[2]
Angel: How much are you willing to pay?
Man at Bar: I see. Why should I pay?
A: What you don't pay for has no value.
MaB: Good Point.

But I wonder how anyone, let alone two people, thought jumping off a short bridge (at most 50ft) into a deep river is going to kill themselves.

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