Friday, January 11, 2008

A Talking Picture (2003)

Elder statesman of Portuguese filmmaking Manoel de Oliveira directs the dialogue-driven drama A Talking Picture. Starting in Lisbon, the film involves a Mediterranean cruise with mother Rosa Maria (Leonor Silveira) and daughter Maria Joana (Filipa de Almedia). From France to Turkey, the tourists travel to various stops as Rosa Maria talks to her daughter about world history. Several international stars show up in cameo roles, including John Malkovich, Irene Papas, Catherine Deneuve, and Stefania Sandrelli -- each speaking in his or her native language. A Talking Picture was shown in competition at the 2003 Venice Film Festival. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 93 mins
A Talking Picture (2003)
At first I really did not understand their moving so slow to present their ideas, but in hindsight they made a nice little film about history. I also wondered how much information the small girl was going to absorb from such talks. A couple of years older may have been better for such an adventure.

Some could consider it propaganda for a positive Christian angle, especially the ending that implied some terrorist act. Yes a sad ending with John Malkovich of a still shot of him with a sad face.

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