Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aag (1948)

Future Bollywood master Raj Kapoor makes his directorial debut with this loosely autobiographical drama. The film centers on Kewal (Kapoor), a lad hailing from the country who has a gruesome self-inflicted scar across his face and a passionate yearning to build a theater. After his father brutally casts him out of the house, Kewal scrapes together some money and builds a theater, which eventually features his beloved, the beautiful singer Nimmi (Nargis). Featuring heavy usage of expressionistic light and camerawork, the film recalls the Bombay Talkie films of Franz Osten. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 135 mins
Aag (1948)
This film like Straight From the Heart deals with arranged marriages. This one deals with a man on his wedding day that meets his bride for th supposed first time on their wedding night on their wedding bed. After the two see each other, he explains his life and how he always loved Nimmi since he was a young boy. His longing was to start a theater group and have his first love star in it-but never happens. He gets his scar actually near the end of the film as he attempts to kill himself as his theater goes up in flames caused by jealousy between him and his financier and the female star.

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