Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Awara (1951)

Indian film icon Raj Kapoor directs this Oedipal family drama centering on Raju (Kapoor), the disaffected son of renowned Judge Raghuath (played by the director's father Prithvaraj Kapoor), who finds himself on the street pursuing a life of crime. Soon he runs into Jagga (K. N. Singh), the untouchable criminal who brought shame on his mother. Though he plots to kill both Jagga and Raghuath, Raju saves his real father, restoring his father's love for the lad and at the same time winning the heart of his one and only love Rita (Nargis). ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 168 mins
Awara (1951)
Another epic film that follows the lives of one family through a lot of troubles. The Judge actually believed that criminals were born from criminals and good people come from good people. So Jagga as revenge against the Judge for unfairly sentencing him, he plants seeds of doubt about his wife and then manipulates Raju's life into a life of crime. But unlike the above critique, the judge does not restore his love for his son until after all the issues and proof had been presented to him- and not from the change of plans to plot to kill him. Although he does save his mothers life from Jagga. Only later to be killed by the Judge's car and like a Greek Tragedy the mother wants to see her estranged husband for one last time but the bandages prevent her from seeing when he arrives and she passes away. So close physically but so far apart spiritually and mentally.

The only special feature was an option to jump to various songs in the film. The best song sequence was Raj's dream scene of heaven and hell with Rita in it and Jagga as the devil like creature. Seemed to take some thoughts from Christianity including one scene the Cross is turned 45% to show an X cross, which I am not sure the meaning of that.

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