Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Within the first 7 minutes of this long film has the mother die. Made me express that maybe Dillagi is like Mother India.
which like Bollywood tradition was around 3 hours and 20 minutes. Blockbuster had no information on the film at all which made it a little scary to order, but it was well worth it. While the dance scenes were wonderful and cinematography was excellent, it was quite distracting that the color renditions are really poorly done and the scenes go from vibrant colors to some washed out dull looking cut of the film and this is happening on a too frequent basis. This film like many others intermingle Hindi, English and other native languages of India, but this time not only did they not translate the songs in the film but a lot of chit-chat dialogue was not included in the translation.

Rajvir (Bobby Deol) and Ranvir (Sunny Deol) are devoted brothers. They along with their parents leave their village in Punjab to move to Mumbai. When their mother passes away, Ranvir takes on the responsibility of looking after his younger brother. After some hardship Ranvir manages to turn everything around and he becomes really wealthy. Rajvir on the other hand lives recklessly and without a care in the world.

Both brothers find love with Urmila Matondkar. Happy for Rajvir, he arranges the marriage. Unfortunately he later finds out that he has arranged Rajvir's marriage with the person he (Ranvir) loves. Rajvir must decide what is more important, the brother who has cared for him and given him everything all these years or his love.

Since Blockbuster did not provide much information let me include a short list of some of the actors.
Zohra Sehgal as Biji the brothers grandmother.
Urmila Matondkar as Shalini.
Bobby Deol as Rajvir.
Sunny Deol as Ranvir and also directed the film.
Dara Singh as Vir Singh.
Dharmendra is the producer.
Preity Zinta as Rani in a Guest appearance.
The only special feature was a 20 minute film of the making of the film with interviews of some of the above actors (where I got the initial list). The disappointing aspect was that this was not translated also with only Urmila talking in English.

Maybe overly generous since it needs some attention to this film at Blockbuster/Rating 4.5(/5).

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