Thursday, July 3, 2008


The story follows the lives of three children, Anjali, a young English Literature major, her brother, Mihir, a medical student, and Priti, a young mother as they all come home during the time of Diwali, the Indian festival and celebration of lights. As each child arrives home, they bring with them various
secrets in their lives that they hide from one another. All these issues are answered and brought together as the true meaning of family and friendship collide in this film.
Very little to do with Diwali other than a few small scenes without much explanation as to the meaning. So many films in India seem to like the one word non descriptive titles that at times have no relevance to the film. A story of a family overcoming their problems and in the process shedding their lies to each other, including a son that did not want to tell his parents that he dropped out of medical school and wanted instead to be a chef. Nearly a forgettable film.

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