Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stop-Loss (2008)

After serving his tour of duty in Iraq, a young American soldier who is ordered to return to the front lines as part of the military's controversial stop-loss policy opts instead to go AWOL in a thought-provoking military drama directed by Kimberly Peirce. Sgt. Brandon King (Ryan Philippe) is a decorated Iraq War veteran who once served his country with pride. After his tour of duty comes to an end, King returns to his Texas hometown and attempts to pick up where he once left off with a little help from his family, as well as long-time best friend and war buddy Steve Shriver (Channing Tatum). But just as Brandon, Steve, and the rest of their war buddies begin to settle back into civilian life, Uncle Sam comes calling on them once again. Suddenly ordered back into active duty, the disillusioned war veteran begins to question not just his ties to family and his longtime friendships, but his capacity for love and his sense of honor as well. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 111 mins
Stop-Loss (2008)
Not really thought-provoking to me. Just more Lib trash. Written in the manner that all bad things happen to good people. Like the black family that was supposedly on the run for years and the fact that someone stole King's personal possessions in Abbie Cornish car. King then gets in a major fight where he takes down 3 thugs and takes away their gun before Michele talks him out of executing them. He does fire off a couple of rounds to scare them-rightfully.

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