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El Che: Investigating a Legend (1998)

This video is a profile of Latin American guerilla leader Ernesto Guevara, revered by his supporters around the globe as "El Che." Born in 1928 in Argentina, Che Guevara believed that revolution was necessary to free Latin American people from oppression. An ally of Fidel Castro, he served in the Cuban government from 1961 to 1965. He left Cuba to join the cause of revolution in Bolivia, where he was killed by the Bolivian army in 1967. El Che's story is told with archival films and photographs, as well as commentary by historians. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, All Movie Guide

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 150 mins
El Che: Investigating a Legend (1998)
Definitely a pro (propaganda) film about Che with even Castro having a part in the film glorifying Che. On the positive side, it has a lot of stock film of the revolution and footage of Che talking as well as the usual collection of pictures. One that seemed surprising was the attack on the armored trains although it still could have been filmed afterward for propaganda. Just like "Soy Cuba" did.

Che claimed he was not an economist but a communist when he became president of the central bank. He signed (scribbled) his name on Cuban notes as "Che".

Mario Monje Molina (Bolivian Communist Party-Secretary General)
You'll find no written commitment from the Communist Party or from any of its leaders to work with Che's guerrilla,
Not one.
He had to leave Africa and find a way out.
He told himself: "I couldn't go back to Cuba. It was out of the question. I already bid it a solemn farewell." So he had to choose a new place for a come-back and Bolivia seemed to fit the bill, not the least because we were already getting ready and they knew it.
So he said to me: I can't give you the leadership of the revolution: "I can't do it."

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